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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Criminal Record Checks part of the application process?

Yes, Criminal Record Checks will be run on all applicants not currently employed with the 19th JDC. These record checks will be run prior to candidates being hired.

Can you apply for any job at any time?

Yes, all classified 19th JDC positions have minimum qualifications which must be met by all applicants interested in employment. Please review the job posting for the position you are interested in. If you do not have the specific minimum requirements, and wish to discuss the equivalent combination of training and experience, please contact the HR.

Do I have to complete an application to apply for a job?

Yes, 19th JDC applicants are expected to provide accurate and complete application information regarding employment, education, criminal history, etc. Any misrepresentation of information will disqualify applicants from employment consideration and subject current employees to dismissal.

Are original education, certification and similar documents required when I apply for a job?

Yes, original documents should be submitted when you apply for a job. If the documentation is omitted, you will not receive education points (if applicable) which will result in a lower grade. Also, your name will not be certified if the appointing authority requests a degree or certification. You have thirty days to submit your original documents at which time your application will be regarded.

What jobs do you have open for application?

You can check for job openings online with complete listing of job opportunities.

How do I apply for a job?

If a position is open as a current vacancy, then the application must be submitted before the deadline date and time. Also you may drop off your resume or pick up an application in the judicial administration office.

When will I be called for an interview?

If you are considered for a position, the hiring department will contact you for an interview.

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