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Civil Duty Court FAQ

Can I walk this through to the Judge for signature today?

No, this is no longer possible.  Now that the court uses an electronic records system, it is not possible to physically walk a record to the Judge’s office.  The Judges all sign electronically.  We will do our very best to expedite matters to get them to the Judge’s electronic box, but it depends on the particular Judge’s schedule as to his or her availability to sign your pleadings.  You may call the Civil Duty Court to request expedited consideration.

How do I schedule a Judgment Debtor Examination with the Duty Judge?

Call the Duty Court Office at (225) 389-4935 to find an available date.  If you need to pass a Judgment Debtor Examination, please fax a letter to the Duty Court Office including all relevant case information, including the case number.

Can I schedule any Default Judgment confirmation with the Duty Judge?

No, only Default Judgment confirmations that are based upon a delictual obligation can be schedule before the Duty Judge in Open Court.  Call the Duty Court Office one week prior to the hearing day.  See La. C.C.P. 1702  (B)(2)

Do I contact the Duty Court Office to schedule a Minority Settlement Conference?

No, but the pleadings must be first reviewed and approved by the Civil Duty Staff Attorney before a Minority Settlement Conference may be scheduled. Any settlement of a personal injury or other claim on behalf of a minor is scheduled directly with the office of the Civil Judge allotted the matter, and not the Civil Duty Court Office. You will be contacted by the Civil Duty Staff Attorney once the pleadings have been reviewed and advised of the status.

I just filed a new succession, how long will it take before I can get a certified copy of the order or judgment?

The filing system at the 19th JDC has converted to a fully electronic system.  The Clerk of Court has begun to accept e-filing of pleadings.  However, it is worth noting that it is still necessary to submit the Original Will into the record with the Clerk of Court even when e-filing a succession.

After you file your pleadings with the Clerk, either via e-filing or at the front desk, the scanned documents will be electronically sent to the Civil Duty Staff Attorney.

The Civil Duty Staff Attorney reviews matters in the order that they are received.  If there is an Original Will, the record will be requested from the Clerk of Court.  After review of the electronic succession pleadings, if APPROVED by the Staff Attorney, the pleadings will be sent to the Divisional Judge for signature.  

After an order or judgment is electronically signed by the Judge, it is transferred back to Civil Duty Court office for a minute entry before being sent to Civil Processing.   Certified copies can be requested directly from the Clerk of Court’s office.

If DENIED, a minute entry will be made by the Civil Duty Court Staff and the electronic file will be sent to Civil Processing with the Clerk of Court with reasons for the deficiency.  Civil Processing will send a Notice of Deficiency to the Attorney of Record.  

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