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The 19th JDC Recovery Court is an outpatient treatment program for males and females age 18 and over who have been charged with a felony offense. Potential participants may be referred via Attorney, ADA, Family Member, and/or through the Court. If the defendant is accepted, the defendant must waive the right to a trial and enter a plea of guilty to the charge and placed on supervised  probation for a period of three (3) years.  The sentence imposed is suspended, pending successful completion of Recovery Court and other conditions of probation. This enables a participant to avoid a sentence of incarceration and receive treatment. Upon completion of the program, and other terms of probation, the conviction can be set aside, charges dropped, and the record may be expunged.  

The program is structured around evidenced-based material and curriculum with a hierarchy of phases, each having increasing levels of responsibility and accountability.

Participants receive individual, group, and family therapy specific to the treatment of substance abuse disorders and therapeutic services specific to individual clinical needs (i.e. trauma, co-occurring disorders, medical, etc.). Therapeutic services are offered by qualified, trained professionals.  The program is designed to assist the participant develop a program of recovery from substance misuse and criminal activity while developing the necessary skills for appropriate levels of independence and self-sufficiency. Achievement of personal goals and development of new life skills is an important function of the program. The minimum time to complete the program is 13 months. 

The 19th JDC Recovery Court Program provides participants access, by referral, to community resources, medical care, psychiatric assessments, and treatment. Random drug testing is performed seven days a week, including holidays. Treatment Services are provided by Capital Area Human Services District