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Some citizens who were issued bench warrants in East Baton Rouge Parish may be eligible for a refund. Please check for your name in the document below to see if you are eligible. If so, follow the instructions listed below.

Information from BR City Finance Department:

The attached form should be used to request reimbursement of warrant recall fees paid.

Please send the completed form and a copy of your driver’s license using one of the following methods.

Mail to:                City of Baton Rouge – Parish of East Baton Rouge

                          Attn:  Finance - Accounting (Warrant Recall Fee Request)

                          P.O. Box 1471

                          Baton Rouge, LA 70821

 FAX to:              City Of Baton Rouge Finance-Accounting Dept.

                         (225) 389-8634

E-Mail:                WarrantRecallFee@brgov.com

Warrant Recall List Application for Warrant Recall Refund