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19th Judicial District Court Parish of East Baton Rouge






Carrol Benedetto

3rd Floor Suite 3501

19th Judicial District Courthouse Suite 3501

300 North Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Phone (225) 389-2596

Fax (225) 389-3947

The 19th Judicial District Court Drug Lab provides drug testing services to the Judges of all the Courts, District Attorney’s office, Probation and Parole, Private Probation and Parole personnel, many schools, parents, or anyone needing drug testing.

      The Drug Lab tests for 11 different drugs. The lab also runs a random drug testing program that runs tests based on whatever number of tests the requesting authority would like run per week, month, or year. Hair analysis is also available.

     The Drug Lab is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., excluding holidays and emergency closures of the Court. When reporting to the lab for drug testing, you will need a picture ID card and $25.00.  We accept all forms of payment except personal checks.

     The Drug Lab is located on the third floor of the 19th Judicial District Courthouse in Suite 3501. Our telephone number is (225) 389-2596.

Drug Lab
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