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 Paying Citation Online   
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Paying Citations Online

Pleading Guilty/Responsible


By paying online:

§  You are acknowledging that you have been charged with the offense/infraction noted in your citation by the charging officer.

§  You are presumed by law to be not guilty/not responsible until proven guilty/responsible beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

§  You are waiving your constitutional rights to a trial/hearing in open court, to confrontation of the witness(es) against you, and to representation by an attorney.

§  You are pleading guilty/responsible to the offense/infraction charged in your citation.

§  You are tendering to the court the sums calculated as payment of the fine/penalty and costs in this case.


If you have any questions about your legal rights and remedies, you should consult a licensed attorney. If you change your mind about paying online, you can simply click "Cancel" at any time before clicking on "Make Payment." Note that if you "Cancel" this process, your case will not be disposed, and you must appear in court on the date shown on your citation, unless you otherwise dispose of the case before that date.

Note: Once you select "Make Payment" later in this process, you will have pled guilty/responsible and have paid any applicable fine and court costs, your case will be disposed, a judgment of guilt/responsibility will have been entered, and the case will be removed from the calendar for the court date shown on your citation. You may not change your plea or otherwise undo the disposition of your case without an order of a judge. The clerk of court's office cannot assist you with this. If you wish to re-open your case and change your plea after disposing of the case through this website, an attorney may be helpful to you in determining how to proceed.




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